We know what we are doing.

And why.
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15 years of experience

We place the highest demands on the quality of our work. We have developed a thorough understanding of the retail property market as a result of our 15+ years’ experience in the industry.

This translates to a wealth of knowledge and experience that our partners can rely on. What sets us apart – more than anything else – is the commitment and passion for the work we do. That answers the question of "why" and leaves us free to focus on what really matters: the needs of our clients.

Tailor-made investments.

We know what we are talking about and have the best responses at your disposal.

More importantly: we listen. That's why we are able to identify specific needs and tailor our strategies accordingly. In fact, this often happens even before our clients themselves recognise their needs. As we work independently, we are ideally positioned to identify the optimal investment for your situation.

In other words, we favour bespoke solutions over off-the-peg designs – this is, after all, about you, not us.

The principles of our teams? Active listening, decency and eye-to-eye relationships.

– Jörn Burghardt

Our properties have values. So do we.

Our work is built on principles. Our values are not just something that we post on the internet – we live our values and imbue them with life every single day.

For us, decency is not just an old-fashioned notion but the very basis of our actions, every single day. Because whenever you have to make a momentous decision, you need someone by your side that you can rely on completely. That said, we do encourage you to take a closer look – our reliability holds up to scrutiny.

In the spirit of partnership
We believe in open and candid business relationships and a true partnership with our clients. After all, cooperation only works if we all act in unison. That's why we place great importance on a level playing field.

Past experience only takes you so far, that's why we keep developing our expertise on a continuous basis. We monitor the market and reinforce our expert knowledge through continuous professional development. This enables us to reduce the risks for our clients to an absolute minimum. And to secure a stable and comfortable return for our investors.


Questions left?

You like what we do? Great! You only have avague idea of how a furture cooperation with us would look like? No problem. Let’s start small and build up to bigger things from there.