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As real estate experts, we invest in supermarkets and retail parks across Germany. We manage real estate with a total value of around two billion euros and a total space of 1,010,000 square metres for our clients.

This is the combined floor area of around 8,000 single-family homes and is therefore the equivalent to the size of a small town. A genuinely huge task that we happily tackle every single day.

We take a hands-on approach. That means that our service doesn't end with handing the keys over to the tenant but extends to ongoing monitoring, assistance and support. We are always by your side: from the initial property analysis all the way through to the successful sale. At the same time, we continue to enhance your investment every step of the way. This guarantees sustainable appreciation.

1. Selecting the right property
Over many years, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the market and its players. As keen observers, we are aware of current developments and trends. We provide comprehensive advice – both pragmatic and hands-on. This applies to market and off-market properties alike.
2. Planning your investment
We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions but rather in customised tailor-made investments. Every capital investment follows a precisely designed strategy. And to ensure that this strategy remains effective over the long term, we use requirements and property analyses as a solid foundation.
3. Developing a property
But it doesn't end there. Once we've sourced a property and designed the best strategy, we don't sit back and rest on our laurels: we manage, evaluate, stabilise and restructure. The result is maximum yields for our investors.
4. Selling and reinvesting
As a proactive and forward-looking manager, we start developing appropriate exit strategies as early on as at the time of purchase. This enables us to achieve the best possible price when selling, paving the way for a reinvestment.
5. Safeguarding and monitoring quality
We place the highest demands on our risk and quality management. What's more, we regularly demonstrate that we can deliver on the most exacting demands. To ensure that it's not just us but also our clients as well that can keep a clear overview, we provide transparent and individually customised reports.

Trust is built on dialogue.

You like what we do? Great! You only have a vague idea of how a future cooperation with us would look like? No problem. Let's start small and build up to bigger things from there.

With whom we work.

We cooperate with pension funds, company pension schemes and insurance companies – the institutions we work with safeguard the country's future, for example by providing millions of people with a secure and stable pension. As this is a huge responsibility, they need a strong partner like us.

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